Where to Start When Building Your Dream Home?


As a turnkey interior design firm, we approach your project from both an aesthetic and functional perspective. Whether new construction or renovation, it’s important to know where to start when building your dream home – from those key mechanical systems to the ideal storage solutions. A strategic, collaborative plan will ensure a long-lasting return on your investment into your home. We always serve as an advocate for our clients by understanding the complexities involved in residential design, identifying high-end, energy efficient systems, like your home’s HVAC. Home comfort solutions offered by Trane Residential are necessary components to successful luxury home design and décor and are a crucial part of our recommended process in building your dream home.

Seek out a design team that is:

    1. Comprised of students of the industry
    2. Collaborates to provide the ultimate results
    3. Understands how you live, work & play
    4. Determines system requirements, including the home’s HVAC, through each design phase with trusted professionals, like a local Trane Comfort Specialist
    5. Creates a beautiful yet functional space.

1. Comprised of students of the industry

Staying conversant on the latest trends, products and technologies builds a wealth of knowledge necessary for luxury residential design. Ensuring that a home’s exterior and interior components as well as its systems not only meet today’s standards, but anticipate changes that will inevitably transpire over the decades. This guarantees that your investment in new construction, renovation and additions will have lasting impact. Working with a designer who is committed to being a student of the industry – and stays abreast of construction and design industry trends, technology and product evolution – elevates a project from mere aesthetic considerations to addressing core functional needs. It places the client at the center of the project.

Whether incorporating a whole house humidifier to address comfort by providing the correct amount of moisture, or identifying solutions that treat water contamination, these details equip a home to protect the longevity of your interior selections and help create a healthier environment.

2. Collaborates to provide the ultimate results

Finding a design team with extensive experience working collaboratively with other highly skilled industry partners – interior designer, architect, engineer, builder, landscape architect, audio-visual consultant, etc. – ensures the most seamless project experience. When all players are on the same team, a client’s budget is better managed and there is cohesiveness around a clearly communicated project timeline.

We begin all of our projects, whether the foundation has been poured – or preliminary construction drawings are still in the works, by reviewing floor plans, elevations, as well as the building’s context on the site in order to complete a comprehensive plan review. This review process is imperative to ensure the home being built is functional, considering everything from storage accommodations to furniture layouts and even traffic flow.

A collaborative review process means the entire build team is forecasting next steps together. It is a permanent loss when a room is 6 inches too short and cannot accommodate the desired functionality, furniture and flow. We’ve seen plan sets that would result in a poorly lit home due low ceiling heights or window placement and most often underutilized, ineffective storage spaces throughout the home. In these early stages of a project, potential problems can be identified, and solutions can be considered cohesively.

3. Understands how you live, work & play

The direction of a project is firmly rooted in an in-depth understanding of how you live, how you interact, how you entertain, how you rest. Like an anthropologist, I learn everything I can about my clients, their families and how they live. My goal is to improve their day-to-day experience. I ask myself “how can I help you take one less step each day” or “how can this activity be enhanced”. An interior designer who studies people, personalities and relationships is key to sustainable residential design. In a world filled with single-use plastics and cheap, mass produced products, investing in solutions that enhance your quality of life leads to solutions that last for generations.

Whether it’s investing in a built-in espresso machine to reduce waste and time spent in line at the coffee shop each morning or sealing your marble countertops for peace of mind during your next dinner party, we build your house to work for you and not the other way around. Incorporating the most recent technology is not succumbing to temporary designer trends or forcing a family into a way of living that is not suitable for their lifestyle and personalities. Knowing what is most important to a client remains the True North of all decisions made during the design process.

4. Determines system requirements, including the home’s HVAC, through each design phase with trusted professionals, like a local Trane Comfort Specialist

As your project evolves, so will your home’s system needs. Our team advises to bring on the most highly educated and experienced consultants to ensure the most reliable and long lasting solutions are considered. We understand that the upfront investment in upgrading to energy efficient heating and cooling systems will not only save money over time but also will add a noticeable increase in comfort throughout the home. Trusting a Trane Comfort Specialist to perform load calculations and determine system needs from the very beginning will ensure the design team’s work to determine your lifestyle and preferences is met with adequate support.

Having a professional on board as the project develops from concept to construction will help right-size your system, give a clear understanding of efficiency ratings, as well as tailor solutions for your specific climate. With projects all across the nation, we know that local expertise is imperative to protecting your home against the elements. With our design studio being in North Carolina, only two hours from the coast, we understand the importance of protecting your property and preparing for the worst no matter the season.

With Atlantic Hurricane Season only a few months away (June 1 – November 30), we strongly encourage our clients to commit to seasonal HVAC and home maintenance, to help ensure their systems are working properly and fully prepared for inclement weather that may cause a household emergency, or alternatively, in case there’s an issue from everyday wear and tear. Contacting a professional is the best first step to maintain your system and receive customized tips for preparing your home’s HVAC for storms year-round.

On many renovation projects, clients look for cost-saving solutions wherever they can. A default solution is to keep existing systems in place. However, often we find out late in the game that home’s new upgrades cannot be serviced well by old systems. If an HVAC upgrade is needed, Trane offers energy efficient and sound conscious solutions to support the entire home and create a comfortable indoor environment for the family to enjoy their beautiful space.

5. Create a beautiful yet functional space.

An emphasis on ease of living with more bells and whistles should not result in a more complicated lifestyle. Through successful planning, home automation systems and the latest advances in the design world will allow for more flexibility and improved livability. Our design decisions consider your routines and priorities and seek out ways to make the mundane seem simple and beautiful. Whether it’s presetting your interior lighting to follow your daily routines, knowing when you rise and when you settle into bed, or installing air purification systems that support indoor air quality to improve the health and comfort of your home.

Setting out to build your dream home with an experienced interior designer will ensure aesthetics are considered. Building upon the intimate knowledge of my clients, I curate a uniquely layered design that maximizes the space, combining color and pattern in unexpected ways. A functional house should never be boring, yet instead offer additional opportunities for enhancing the design experience. My attention to detail appears in purposeful yet discreet decisions, integrating function into the design. This can be seen in the smallest of details. Consider a custom floor vent that integrates directly into a foyer’s marble tile with inscribed wood, installing a ComfortLink smart home thermostat to act unobtrusively as a smart hub to control your home’s temperature from anywhere, or hand painting a wall register to blend in seamlessly with luxurious hand-painted Gracie Studio wallpaper. Luxury interiors are built to last a lifetime and their longevity is ensured by the systems in place meant to protect them, and your family, from the elements.