Home Fitness Studio Essentials


If we learned anything from stay-at-home-orders and this pandemic, it’s that prioritizing our mental and physical wellbeing is imperative. Having access to a space where you can practice mindful meditation and easily complete on-demand fitness classes from around the world quickly became a must during our initial programming meetings with new clients.

My personal home renovation project, Lakestone Love, became crucial for my sanity when my favorite local fitness studios were closed during the pandemic. Even as my pre-pandemic fitness routines return to normal, my family and I continue to enjoy easy access to good sweat. Incorporating the best industry solutions enhances this experience through lighting control, cork flooring for sound and impact absorption, and Infratech Heaters that elevate any on-demand class.

While some of our clients enjoy a dedicated fitness room within their home, others are seeking to maximize a smaller space in New York City flats where spaces must easily convert from hosting friends to becoming a yoga studio for one. Storage is essential in either scenario, whether your home gym has all the latest equipment or it’s a more minimalist approach with only the most pertinent pieces. During the initial plan review phase of a project, I look for the most efficient and effective space in a project to meet our client’s needs. We can make the most of a corner in a garage or accentuate a walk-in closet, whatever it is, our team can create solutions that allow you the opportunity to care for yourself well.