Wellness in the Water


Sometimes the emphasis on wellness is really just a focus on what we perceive on the outside as healthy or unhealthy. However, it’s easy to overlook a source of contamination we come into contact with every day, multiple times a day, through our water. 

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to your home’s poor water quality, but a quick online search will quickly reveal why it’s important to prioritize the water safety in your home. Not only should we be considering filtration systems for drinking water, but also what’s being absorbed in our skin. The long term health effects can appear in liver and kidney damage, immune system dysfunction, and nerve system disorders.

Specific to North Carolina, there is a lack of reservoirs in the coastal regions and the municipal systems must access groundwater which contains much higher levels of Calcium Carbonate, Iron, and Manganese. These minerals can damage fixtures and appliances pretty quickly, depending on the levels encountered. At the Coast, things are further complicated due to the sandier soil conditions resulting in more organic contamination, and that “rotten egg” odor.

Not only do we incorporate robust sediment filter and water softener solutions from Kinetico’s local Advanced Water team, we also encourage Reverse-Osmosis purifiers that clean your drinking water in addition to the water absorbed through your skin.⁠

Creating beautiful spaces means ensuring they are healthier spaces, too. For my family at Lakestone Love, we received a complete overhaul from the Advanced Water team with a whole house water filtration system install. We encourage you to reach out to Pat Smelik who can evaluate the specific issues related to your geographic location and determine the best path forward for your home, no matter if you are Inside the Beltline here in Raleigh or watching the sun set in Atlantic Beach.