Thanksgiving Tabletop


For this year’s Thanksgiving table, I decided to incorporate the autumnal hues, particularly the greens and browns that are making their way into the North Carolina landscape as the seasons change. If you’ve followed me through my previous holiday seasons, you know how often I mix and match my china, always folding in new pieces of my collection in unexpected ways. Bringing together family and friends during this season becomes an elevated experience when the table is adorned with handcrafted pieces that will be enjoyed for generations to come.


My favorite Thanksgiving tradition will always be sitting around my grandmother’s table and each person sharing one thing they are most thankful for from that year. Being able to gather as a family was extra sweet this year and I was so happy to continue this tradition for another Thanksgiving dinner.

Adorned by Elizabeth Lake’s minimalist placemats, this heirloom design is juxtaposed against an organic chinoiserie style from Replacements, Ltd. creating the perfect balance for a warm gathering. Each place setting is draped with Marguerite napkins, which feature hand-stitched florals in pink and red appliqué. The signature appliqué is inspired by Elizabeth Lake’s love for 19th century American quilts and are hand-stitched by women on the Portuguese island of Madeira – a special touch that each generation will be able to appreciate. The linens are always worth the investment and feel right at home alongside my grandmother’s silver, traditional crystal glassware and a fresh centerpiece with bright florals that emphasize the bold patterns and color that can be found across the table.