Mi Golondrina: Transitional Fashion


As a busy mother of three and full time designer, I am always looking for the next best clothing options that are comfortable yet stylish, especially when transitioning through seasons. While fall is upon us, the cooler temps have me craving that wardrobe refresh that the new season brings. The female-owned brand, Mi Golondrina, has easily become a fashion staple of mine due to their wide selection of prints, patterns, and colors has my personal style written all over it.

This blue chambray embroidered wrap flores skirt is the perfect transition piece into cooler weather. It’s lightweight enough for those lingering warm days, but can also be worn as a subtle piece in the fall season with a light sweater and sneakers. Much like my home, my wardrobe is a reflection of me and my unique style. Mi Golondrina aims to sustain the livelihoods of artisan partners in Mexico and empower them to continue their craft for generations to come. I love working with companies who value sustainability the same way I do, whether that be interiors or fashion, I find a sense of pride knowing that I am doing my part.

I love Mi Golondrina for many reasons, so it was an easy decision to partner with them for a shoot. I’ve long adored their fabulous hand embroidered dresses and tops. Their mission is to share the timeless beauty and traditions of Mexican artisan-made clothing with the world, and that relates closely to our mission here at MA Allen Interiors. In my own field, seeing the influx of mass produced furniture and accessory companies flooding the marketplace and erasing individuality within the home, it only increases my desire to support the artisans in this world and the companies that support them. We highly regard the craftsmen and artisans that make our work unique and timeless no matter what the project.