MA Allen Interiors is an award-winning Interior Design firm, yes. But we’re so much more than that. We are the partners that take a single thought, or a tiny swatch of fabric, or a family heirloom…and allow that small seed to become an explosion of ideas that eventually transforms your entire space.

If you’re a retail client, that space will attract. If you’re a custom builder, that space will make life both indulgent and highly functional for your clients. If you’re a homeowner, we help you create a home that’s undeniably, unequivocally you.

Though each space we design is distinctively different, we bring a polished and sophisticated look to all. Timeless, whether it’s traditional or modern. A look that invites as it wows…one that offers clean, elegant lines as it takes ambience to an entirely different level. This is our signature perhaps—custom sophistication that refines functionality. We’ll do this not just through placement and selection of furnishings and fabrics, but through design of the space itself…right down to the wainscoting.

Our clients? They range from commercial to residential, and from North Carolina’s Triangle to the Atlantic coast (and even to Manhattan and DC). We work with trend-setting restaurants, high-end fashion boutiques, large corporations, and client-centered gyms and salons. We’ve also worked with developers, homebuilders, homeowners, second-home owners, and more.

At MA Allen Interiors, design for us means everything from the outside in, from ceiling to floor. What we want to do is make your space—however large or small, public or private it may be—custom. With lines that appeal, details that draw in, and comfort all around.

MA Allen

MA Allen has become one of today’s most sought after designers. She founded MA Allen Interiors in 2011 and serves as its president and lead designer. Her one-of-a-kind interiors have captivated the design community, and caught the attention of major feature publications. MA’s style combines clean lines with a modern sensibility, allowing every living space to be rich yet comfortable. Her ability to combine bold colors, patterns and texture with a contemporary feel, has established her signature style. From designing custom pieces of furniture, fabric selections, and trim detail, she will deliver on her clients’ vision and imagination.

Growing up in North Carolina has allowed MA to keep a very grounded approach to her work. On the path to being a lawyer, she eventually went on to earn a B.S. in Interior Design from Meredith College with a minor in Fine Arts. Her multi-faceted education and experience finally blended together to transform into what is now an award-winning design house. MA has completed a number of major projects and is being widely sought after for new projects. Each look also precisely meets the client’s needs for functionality (on a multitude of levels).

Through extensive travel nationally and internationally, MA has created a personal style that is eclectic, classic, and clean, while maintaining a strong sense of sophistication. Whether it is a beach home, NYC loft, mountain getaway or office space, in all of MA’s projects, you will find personal touches of the designer’s distinctive talent. She truly transforms a house into a one of a kind home.

Our Team


Margaret Richards joined MA Allen Interiors in 2013 as an interior designer and project manager and has completed dozens of projects that reflect her timeless sense of style. From full interior-renovations to room refreshes, Margaret enjoys working closely with clients to help define their vision and, through creative space planning and sourcing, bring it to life.

A Raleigh native, she grew up in a family of antique collectors and knew from an early age that interior design was her calling. She holds a degree in interior design from Meredith College, where she also minored in art, and finds inspiration in everything from magazines to the latest fashion trends.


Meredith Silver joined MA Allen Interiors in 2017 as a project manager and works closely with the team to facilitate projects from concept to completion. A graduate of the College of Charleston, Meredith brings great organization, attention to detail, and creativity to her work.

Meredith is thoughtful and attentive to clients’ needs, and works meticulously to exceed clients’ expectations. Her energy and willingness to go the extra mile make her a perfect addition to MA Allen Interiors.


Kelly Young joined MA Allen Interiors in 2014 as the firm’s business manager and is responsible not only for MA Allen Interiors client relations, but also for the firm’s long term growth and success.

A graduate of North Carolina State University with a bachelor’s in communications, Kelly started her career in real estate marketing, experience that not only makes her an ideal head of MA Allen Interiors day-to-day operations but also a creative business development mind. Kelly leads the firm's marketing initiatives, communications and press outreach key to expanding business opportunities and partnerships.